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We were formed in 2011 as a solution to the difficultuy faced when choosing a good quality adhesive bra on the highstreet.

We supply products whosale and we also supply products to the consumer directly from our newly launched ecommerce store. Click here to shop.

We supply products at excellent rates throughout the United Kingdom, the EU and further afield.

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FAQ about the adhesive bra

How do I put on my adhesive bra?

Simply remove the protective film, press on, adjust and go. It's as simple as that. Experimenting with placement will allow for the cleavage and lift you desire! Pull your breasts into the position you want them to be, then press the cups onto the breasts and clasp the center clips.

Is the self adhesive skin friendly?

Yes of course! All our products are testing to the highest standard set out by EU health legislation. The adhesive bra will not cause irritation.

Is the adhesive bra reusable and washable?

Yes it is. The state of the art adhesive backing is not water soluable. All adhesive bras come boxed with easy to understand washing instructions,

What occasion suits an adhesive bra?

Any that requires strapless support! The most popular adhesive bra applications include wearing at wedding receptions, proms, parties, balls and more! These bras are perfect to wear with your gorgeous strapless, backless dress or halter neck top.

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  • Fantastic. Saved the day. Couldn't find these anywhere on my highstreet for the same price. Quick delivery too! Danielle, York, UK
  • Love the strapless bra. Recieved today! Iulia, Kensington, UK
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